How To Successfully Freelance For Agencies

In an uncertain economy, companies are in difficult times and the result is a shortage of jobs and many people are laid off. A positive development, which always results from a recession, is the growing number of freelancers and small start-ups. And nowhere has an increase in freelancers experienced more than the creative industry. There are literally hundreds of thousands of people all fighting for freelance work at larger agencies. And agencies like to hire them because they are cost-effective, flexible and completely suitable during a downturn.

But as the market is currently filled with freelancers competing for the same work from the same agencies, how do you make sure you’re someone who gets hired and beats the competition? Here are a few tips to make sure that you are successful in freelancing for other companies.

Strive To Adapt

When you work for an agency for the first time, you make a great effort not only to fit in with the people, but also in the way they work. You want to become part of the team quickly and become indispensable. Be someone they consider part of the family and do not step on any toes. Be wise so as not to disturb the relationship by being aware of any potential policy, and act accordingly.

Don’t Be Arrogant

Whether you are a freelance graphic designer, copywriter or frontend developer, do not be arrogant. Remember, you are a freelancer and the agency is an agency. They have been around much longer than you and have done their business successfully. Respect that and respect the people you work for. Do not think that you know everything and try to argue, to do things your way. Respect the way the agency works and follow its own rules.

Go The Extra Mile

Agencies love working with freelancers who go beyond the call of duty. What do I mean by that? Well, I’m not saying that the agencies expect you to do things for free. I just think that successful freelancers are active, passionate and invest 100 percent in every project. If you show your customer that you are passionate about what you are doing while making your own suggestions on how the project can be successful, they will surely be impressed.

Don’t Take The Money And Run

None of us likes to work for someone else. And most of us are anxious to get paid and move on to the next project as soon as possible. But with this kind of attitude alone don’t do you a favor. Try and have passion in every job you accept. Be genuinely interested in the work and care that the agency is doing well.

Be Reliable And Available

When an agency hires you, it needs you to be reliable and easy to reach. This will certainly be the case if you work on many projects for them. They need to know that they can reach you at any time to make sure the project is on track

Don’t Assume Anything

If you are not sure, ask! Never assume anything when it comes to agencies. Every business is different, and what works for one customer may not be the same to others. If in doubt then talk to them rather than making a poor assumption and causing a disaster.

Be Flexible

Agencies love flexible freelancers. They want to work with people who are willing to work their way. So adapt to their needs, not your own. If an agency wants you to work from their office, do it! Working from home is not amazing – the novelty soon fades. Be flexible, work according to their requirements and you will be amazed.

Don’t Stop The Communication

If you are working on a project with an agency, make sure that you stay in regular contact. Keep your customers up to date at all times. Regular updates will help you with any agency, so do not stop communicating.

I hope this article helps us to successfully freelance for agencies. If I miss any point feel free to write in comments.


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